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Gel Glue

Gel Glue – Salles Professional, the gel glue Salles Professional was made with high quality raw materials. Its formula is special, does not contain alcohol and has a neutral PH, providing better fixation, more volume and shine to the hair, in addition to leaving no residue. Contains sunscreen that protects and blocks the action of ultraviolet rays, preventing the drying of the wires. Ideal for hairstyles, leaving all the threads in place, without worrying about tidying up all the time.
Available sizes:
300gr and 600gr

Ointment Display

Display support for ointments – Salles Professional, rustic and modern. Unique piece to promote your product line and decorative item.
Exclusive Salles Professional product.
Illustrative photo, display does not come with ointments

Shaving Gel

Shaving Gel – Salles Professional moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Contains aloe vera that softens and soothes the skin for a perfect shave, reducing the sensation of discomfort. Recommended for all skin types.
Available sizes:

Beard and Hair Shampoo

Beard and Hair Shampoo – Salles Professional, cleans and moisturizes, for all types of beard and hair, tones and revitalizes the threads, softness and silkiness for your beard and hair. Daily use.
Available sizes:

Beard oil

Beard oil – Salles Professional leaves the beard strong, hydrated and with the strands aligned. Gives your beard shine and softness.
Available sizes:

Nudred Sponge

The nudred sponge – Salles Professional styler aims to enhance curly hair, ideal for those looking to texturize hair in a few minutes
45 density foam – Super resistant
26 12mm holes
You make the curled dreds
The use of hairspray or styling ointment for hair over 3 cm is recommended (the ointment or hairspray defines dreds).

Hair and Beard Styling Ointment

To maintain a stylized hairstyle, Salles Professional developed Hair Polishes, Classic, Hold, A Teia and Black to make any type of hairstyle you want quickly and effectively. It can cause a more simple and classic result, even a more daring and modern result.
With more life and style, your hair draws attention wherever it goes with the look and the wonderful smell that stays in the hair. Removing the product is easy and can be done while bathing, and the product lasts until you wash your hair.
Ointment does not make you fat or make your hair as heavy as gel. With alcohol-free formula.
Classic Ointment – Strong hold, dry or wet effect. The effects obtained depend on the amount of product you will use when making the hairstyle.
Hold ointment – Extra strong hold, effect and quality styling for a perfect hairstyle.
Ointment A Teia – Strong hold, dry effect at any time, to stay in that style!
Black Ointment – Strong hold and little shine, with black pigment ideal for hiding white hair.
Available sizes: