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Permanent hair dye

Permanent hair dye is any treatment that changes hair color. However, the toning of the threads is nothing new and, throughout history, it has been one of the defining tools of anyone’s self-image. With so much novelty on the market, Salles has reinvented itself and developed a line of coloring with quality so that they do not damage the quality of the wires so much.

Progressive Brush

The Progressive Brush is a procedure that aims to smooth the hair; it takes the name of Progressive Brush, because every time it is done, the hair will present better results. Thinking about it, Salles Professional brought the innovative, high-performance product with surprising quality!


Treatments are responsible for hair repair, which consists of specific treatments that restore the natural properties of the threads, restructuring the fiber and repairing the cracks caused by any chemical processes.


Hair ointments are what define and finish the cut and work of a professional, Salles Profissional presents ointments that better fix the threads so that it has an excellent result in any style.


The shampoo cleans and removes the oil produced by the hair. The conditioner has the function of returning the natural oil, making them conditioned and acquire a layer of shine. Remembering this important detail, we brought essential products that help in daily hair hygiene.


The technology also allows the equipments responsible for showing the expected result or even finishing a simple hairstyle, being of great importance to have a dream hair, we also help you in this step.


Accessories are of great importance so that you do not damage the wires or even the product when making any procedure, brushing, cutting or even applying a product, so we have a light and ergonomic design for better performance.


Leave-in’s function is to reduce frizz, moisturize, shine and move always! And most importantly, control the moisture in the hair by sealing the cuticles and restoring damaged hair.


Tinting is used for bleached hair to hydrate the damage of chemical processes, leaving them naturally enriched. It is ideal for correcting unwanted yellowish blond, it revives the tone neutralizing the color of the strands.